birds circle the sky
something is going to die



don’t burn the biscuits 

what is that from claire


a two pound chicken tastes better with friends 


Hello check it out it’s pretty cool

reaction images are so important 

I am eating so many craisins 

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I forgot my speech bubble lol 

America: Hi! Japan is it? I’m America so nice to me you! 

It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn American and Japan so I tried drawing the opening the Japan’s borders more in the style of the times. Though I have no idea if I got Japan’s fashion/hair right I just type 1840’s Japan and found something similar  to this. 

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I am mountain, I am dust
Constellations made of us
There’s glory in the dirt
A universe within the sand
Eternity within a man

We are ocean, we are mist
Brilliant fools who wound and kiss
There’s beauty in the dirt
Wandering in skin and soul
Searching, longing for a home


Momentary carbon stories
From the ashes
Filled with holy ghost
Life is here now
Breathe it all in
Let it all go
You are earth and wind